Friday, January 3, 2014

Top Five Atheist Blogs of 2013

I decided to write this post over my vacation but I got sick and it never got done. One of the great things about a new year is the lists we go through of the past twelve months. I wanted to highlight the best atheist blogs I've been reading over the past year that I think taught me the most new things or made me think about things differently. Not all of these focus on atheism exclusively but they are part of the overall secular online community. I read all of them regular though.

1. Camels With Hammers - Dan Fincke's blog posts in 2013 probably were my favorite. To get a taste of some of his work I'd recommend Stop Calling People Stupid.

2. Love, Joy, Feminism - Libby Anne's blog has grown so steadily in popularity and it isn't hard to see why. She has one of the few 'Parenting Without God' type sections that I've seen and I recommend it to people when they ask.

3. Brute Reason - Miriam Mogilevsky is my favorite blogger on the freethoughtblogs network. This past year's content has been thought-provoking and I highly recommend it. You can find her own list of favorite post from 2013 here.

4. Richard Carrier Blogs - I've been a fan of his since I first found his blog and I return to it from time to time. It's one of the few that I like getting an email about new posts from time to time. Enjoy a sample with 'Ergo God Maximally Enjoys Getting Gangbanged'.

5. Friendly Atheist - I always stop by Hemant's site from time to time because it's such a good source of information. Sometimes I will spot a news article that I want to write about, and within hours the same story is being covered there. You can follow along here.

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