Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oakland University Religious Intimidation

When Michigan high school basketball player Jenna Bachrouche graduated from high school, Oakland University was the college of her choice. Her parents asked the basketball coach of the new school if her Muslim religious identification was going to be an issue in any way and they were told it would not be. As the seasons went on, it became gradually clearer to Bachrouche that coach Beckie Francis's fervent Christianity and her apparent need to evangelize her team clashed with her Islamic religion.

It is tempting sometimes to think that things like this only go on elsewhere in my country. Yet illegal proselytizing is constantly coming up here as well. And the extent to which it went on before any action was taken is amazing.

Francis subjected the team to watching her testimony from her church. It is also alleged that she hosted a Christmas party at her home, where she had a player read the 'Christmas Story' right from the bible. There were reports of Christian related videos on the team bus. Apparently coach Francis preached her Christianity everywhere and anywhere she could while she should have been focusing on her team.

I often go into the comment threads when I see news like this because they are often interesting. This article was sort of a letdown as I foolishly thought that Christian privilege might not rear its ugly head for a moment.
ah the poor abused little tolerant mohammedens. yea right. who's causing all the problems and killings world wide? that's right, freaking mohammendens!
Commentator Jim Thompson left this jewel on the Free Press site. Apparently in response to the young woman's unfortunate experience at Oakland University he thought it was appropriate and relevant to bring up violence elsewhere in the world.
she better be glad we CHRISTIANS don;t treat her the way MOSLEMS treat christians...
Amber Lee left this passive aggressive attack on Bachrouche, apparently reminding her that religious intimidation can take violent forms instead of the non-violent but still terrible discrimination that Bachrouche received.
INTOLERANT are moslems..When I see a CHURCH allowed in SAUDI ARABIA I may change my mind :) This whining drone to allah knew she was surrounded by NON MOSLEMS so I guess now she feels like the MINORITY CHRISTIANS do in the 57 ISLAMIC COUNTRIES....go live in an islamic country if you are so offended by CHRISTIANITY :) AMerica is sick of your whining you are not special being MOSLEM does not give you any special status here chica :)
Pamela Kafir Farm Liner left a few different comments, each one scarier than the last. This one in particular is pretty bad. She misrepresents the allegations, misinterprets the reason Bachrouche left the University, and misapplies the relevant laws while typing in a mixture of lower case and caps-lock. What particularly stood out to me as frighteningly sociopathic was the three smiley faces left peppered throughout the bigoted commentary. Her facebook page contains links to Tea Party groups, anti-Muslim sentiments, and has a big picture of her with a rifle as her timeline background.

Its times like these that I try to remember when people sometimes express wonder at the amount of anxiety and frustration I feel about the encroachment of religion onto my society. The types of comments above are really only the tip of the iceberg, but they display a level of vitriol and anger that dispels any notion of false beliefs being harmless. This is the result of the false beliefs of Christianity; that so many people think it is ok to put their bigotry and prejudice on display like this.


  1. As the former VP and co-founder of Atheists @ Oakland University, I would have to firmly state they do not exhibit religious intimidation.

  2. That is good to hear. Even though I don't do religion it's important that minority religions get the same treatment as any other. If I recall correctly the coach ending up resigning anyway. Good luck with your groups I hope you stay involved with the secular community.