Saturday, June 8, 2013

Motor City Pride Festival Day One

I had the pleasure of attending the Motor City Pride Festival for the first day with the Detroit Grassroots Atheism Project. This is a group I will probably have to investigate more as I had a good time with them. It was a fantastic event for me to watch and be a part of.  I really can't transmit how much I liked being there. Seeing so many people feel good about themselves in contrast to what I often see outside of this festival left me with a sense of relief. My confidence in other people was restored quite a bit.

We met a lot of people, some of which tried to argue with me until my voice nearly gave out. I was a little bit distraught that I noticed quite a lot of people that didn't seem to accept us, or whose faces gave off a sneer before they walked past. Given that it was an event dedicated to celebrating and encourage acceptance I was a bit disappointed.

Coincidentally, I saw my old Wayne State philosophy professor John Corvino there. I've seen him around various websites with his gay marriage debating book in the last few years. It is sad that our great intellectual talents are directed at something that shouldn't even be an issue. Although I know that issue is important to him. was in his classes that my faint belief in gods and other irrational concepts faded during my college years. I should have got a picture but I forgot. I got a few others though from time to time although they don't capture the feeling I had being there very well. Planned Parenthood was my favorite booth especially since they came and talked to us the most.

Hart Plaza

Grassroots Atheism Booth

Planned Parenthood

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